Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hot Exercise DVD Programs (Including Several an Old Fart Can Handle)

Face it - if you're over 60 (or maybe even 50), most exercise DVD programs will probably injure you or worse, cause cardiac arrest. Anyone over 60 who can handle the most rigorous workouts like P90X DVD Workout - Base Kit or INSANITY DVD Workout - Base Kit for 45 to 60 minutes a day 6 days a week must be a super senior.

What Consumer Reports Recommends
A recent issue of Consumer Reports discussed "the skinny on exercise DVDs" and mentioned both P90X and Insanity. Both are pricey. P90X also requires extra equipment while Insanity is strictly body weight conditioning. Both are suitable for "those who are already very fit."

The other two programs reviewed in this issue of CS are Brazil Butt Lift DVD Workout - Base Kit and Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD (Multi, Small) . The first is pretty specific - it targets the 3 major muscles of the butt. But "you don't need to be extremely fit to start." And "Zumba" is OK for beginners as well as advanced exercisers, although it may take practice to master the moves." Both of these programs cost half as much as the previous two exercise DVD sets.

It appears that a healthy senior could handle the last two programs; that is, if you want a muscular butt or like to dance. Unfortunately, the programs that would develop strength are only for the fit peeps in this world.

What To Do
So what do you do if you like the variety of exercise DVD programs and want to develop strength but you're not fit. There are a few options - start with easy single DVDs or a system that starts with simple routines and gets harder as you get more fit. Jillian Michaels (my fav celebrity trainer) produces individual DVDs that fit these criteria. She also has an exercise DVD system (Jillian Michaels Body Revolution) that starts with simpler routines (see this article for details).

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