Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More on Selecting Medicare Supplemental Insurance - AARP Offers Plans

In a previous post, I explained the specific reasons why I selected Medicare supplemental insurance (medigap) over Advamtage plans.

Once I decided on a the class of supplemental plans, the next choice is what category of coverage AND what specific carrier. I turned to a recommendation from an independent insurance agent. This agency recommended the following AARP plan:

AARP Supplemental Plan F (F is the category of coverage; the link takes you to the AARP site "Find a Plan"). This plan is relatively inexpensive and supplied by a national carrier. I now have to figure out if this plan includes my doctors and hospitals.

This research is entirely on my own after checking out the information in this very helpful (and recently published) book on Medicare by an AARP senior editor:

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