Sunday, September 9, 2012

Over 40 and female? Lose Weight Faster Using These Two Techniques

Case in point  - over 40 by a lot - lost 10 pounds in a year by beefing up the exercise program. By adding strength training workouts. Note that this took a year to accomplish.

I lost the next  and final 10 pounds in 3 months 

What happened to lose the next 10 (and final pounds) so much more quickly than the first 10?

I added 2 new habits. First, I dropped my sugar consumption to less than 25 grams a day by monitoring the sugar content of everything I ate. Also, I tried to eliminate carbs (potatoes, rice) in the evening meal. that's a tough thing to do when the person cooking your meals is Italian! No pasta! Refer to Dr. Mercola's article on Fructose: The Amazing Similarities Between this Toxic Sugar and Alcohol.

Then, I added a strength training program that incorporated metabolic workouts (interval training such as step up 20 sec hard/40 sec recovery for 10 minutes). Refer to this link:
New Rules of Lifting for Life.

Note that these 2 techniques worked for me. You may not be in the same situation - post menopausal and finding it very difficult to drop an ounce. Besides, the combination of the diet plus the strength training ensures that you lose fat and not muscle.

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