Monday, September 12, 2011

Alert For Boomers: A Proven Recipe To Lose Body Fat For Women

Ready to get rid of unwanted body fat and get fit at the same time?

Warning - this is NOT a quick fix, nor does it involve a fat burning supplement or a piece of worthless exercise equipment.

There are countless advantages to this plan.

It involves work. And it does work. But not overnight. It takes time to reverse the buildup of body fat and the loss of muscle mass that happens to many "middle-aged" people.

It requires a chat with your physician to find out if you can handle physical activity - both anerobic and aerobic. And you can handle the eating plan that works in conjunction with the activities.

The recipe goes like this . . .

Research strength training exercises until you find a set of workouts that change every 4 - 6 weeks. Do 2 -3 workouts per week. Click here for the perfect set of workouts.

Add aerobic interval training workouts 1 -3 times a week (Interval Training Routines To Slash Your Aerobic Workout Time By Up To 75%).

Follow the iron clad eating rules for weight trainees like yourself.

Then get your soon-to-be-skinny but still fat butt into a fitness club,

find a personal trainer or a friend who knows his or her way around fitness equipment,


lose body fat fast!

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