Monday, June 6, 2011

How To Live In The Moment And Why It Is Critical To Your Well-Being

Why Bother To Live In The Moment?
1. The most obvious reason to focus on NOW - it's all you've got! The past is gone; the future is not here yet. Why NOT live in the present moment?
2. It's a proven fact that it's a stress reducer to live in the moment. No past or future thoughts to cloud your awareness. Here's a post about Tolle's The Power of Now:

How To Live In The Moment
Yeah sure! But hey, Barbara Graham has thought of 7 Ways to Live in the Moment documented in an AARP article:
1. Make it a priority. What's more important?
2. Avoid the M-word - Multitasking.
3. Discover the sacred pause - meditation, yoga, prayer, for examples.
4. Tune into your body.
5. Do something out of the ordinary.
6. Forget your to-do list.
7. Be patient with yourself. It takes time and practice to live in the NOW.

Good luck with practicing how to live in the moment. You won't regret it!

Live For The Moment

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