Sunday, May 15, 2011

Consumer Reports Rates The Best Diets Plans For Weight Loss

In its June, 2011 issue, Consumer Reports, the magazine that rates just about everything consumer - from cars to cell phones, has rated the best diet plans for weight loss and the results are not surprising.

According to this mag, the best diet plan for weight loss (with a rating of excellent) is Jenny Craig. WeightWatchers, Atkins, Slim-Fast, Zone, and Ornish rate "good" for weight loss.

The overall ratings, which include nutrition and short- and long-term weight loss components are as follows:

Jenny Craig (overall score - 85)
Slim-Fast (63)
WeightWatchers (57)
Zone (54)
Ornish (48)
Atkins (48)

Note that 4 years ago, the same magazine rated the Voummetrics plan as the best diet plan. Volumetrics is now part of Jenny Craig. See this post: Best Way To Lose Weight Fast For The Over 50 Crowd for information about Volumetrics.

Also note that Jenny Craig is pricey (yearly membership and the cost of food and shipping), so be prepared to pay for the best!

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